A Path For Prosperity

About Us

We Safwah Limited a group of young individual with a common dream, which is to prosper in life and hence we choose business as a path for prosperity. In Safwah Limited we believe that each individual has the potential to prosper, if they get right path and direction,  thus we want to be the path to prosperity for our people though business. In all parts of our business, we are dedicated to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We rely on happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers. We consider that to build a happy and healthy society, it is essential to have honesty in business. We are growing at an immense speed and we care deeply about our customers and try to understand their problems. Our main principle to help unemployed person and help in the development of one’s life.

Core Values


To prosper by satisfying our customers.


To conduct business honestly to accomplish our mission


To become a leading company through honesty in creating a better community.


To be the path to prosperity for our people though business

Our Concerns



Our Product

শীতকালে ত্বকের মসৃণতা ধরে রাখার উপায়
গ্লিসারিন ব্যবহারের উপকারিতা
Breast Cancer Awareness
জাফরানের জাদুকরী উপকারিতা

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